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As we head into the winter months, we know there's an increased risk of illness. To keep our colleagues safe and well, we're pleased to announce that you'll be able to receive your free NHS Covid-19 vaccinations at our Solihull plant.


Covid-19 vaccinations will be administered on site by the Birmingham and Solihull NHS Vaccination Team. If you are unsure whether you are due a Covid-19 vaccination, you can check here for details.


We will also be offering Flu vaccinations. These will be administered on site by a private medical contractor. More information on how to book an appointment will be shared with you soon.


The vaccination programme will be taking place from Tuesday 20 - Friday 23 September with appointments available each day between the hours of 0730 and 1630.

Covid-19 vaccinations will be available to eligible JLR Employees, agency workers, suppliers and business partners at the Solihull site.

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How to book your Covid-19 vaccination appointment at Solihull  

If you are booking an appointment during work time, it must be made by a line manager, using their team member’s email address for the booking. Outside of work time you are able to book your own appointment.

If you are not based at Solihull, please select the Occupational Health location when booking, as you will not be able to access other areas of the plant. If you have already booked another location, please cancel your original booking and book another at Occupational Health.  

To speed up your appointment, we advise that you bring your NHS number with you. Please click here to find your NHS Number if you do not already know it:

Please note: If you have recently tested positive for Covid-19, you must wait 28 days before you attend for a Covid-19 vaccination. This is 28 days either from the day you began to feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms or the day you had your test if you did not have any symptoms.  

How to get to Occupational Health if you don’t have Solihull site access 

When attending a vaccination appointment at Solihull Occupational Health, you will need to park in the bus lane car park, opposite visitor reception at Lode Lane. 

Once parked, please enter Visitor Reception where you’ll be asked to show your company ID and email booking confirmation.

From here you’ll be directed to Occupational Health for your appointment, which is a quick two-minute walk. After your vaccination, you will need to wait 15 minutes before you are able to drive.


What You Need to Know

Who is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, or booster?  

The NHS offer is an Autumn booster (4th vaccination) for over 50s, 1st booster for those aged 16 and over or a catch-up for anyone who hasn't received their initial first or second vaccination. 

Seasonal Booster:

You can have a seasonal booster dose (autumn booster) of the Covid-19 vaccine if you are:

aged 50 or over


aged 5 to 49 and at high risk due to a health condition

aged 5 to 49 and at high risk because of a weakened immune system

aged 5 to 49 and lives with someone who has a weakened immune system

aged 16 to 49 and a carer

living or working in a care home for older people

a frontline health and social care worker

1st Booster: 

If you're aged 16 or over you can get a 1st booster dose if you:

have completed your primary Covid-19 vaccination course (1st and 2nd dose, plus an additional primary dose if you have a severely weakened immune system)

had your previous dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at least 3 months ago

Which vaccine is being offered?  

The booster dose for over 50s is a new vaccine that has additional protection against the current Omicron variants. The first and second doses are really important to build your personal protection for the winter months to come. We are encouraging everyone to have a vaccination this autumn. By having a vaccine you will be directly protecting the people that we care for and your local NHS, council colleagues and community partners by preventing the spread of avoidable illnesses such as Covid-19 and flu.

Can my friends and family make an appointment?  

Both Covid-19 and Flu vaccinations will only be available to JLR Employees, Agency Workers, Suppliers and Business Partners who have access to the Solihull site. Your friends and family will soon be able to go onto the NHS national booking website to book or manage a coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination - NHS (

This will show you where the sites are close to where you live and enable your friends and family to choose a pharmacy or local vaccination centre. We will also be updating our local website with the 89 locations across Birmingham and Solihull.


If you have any further questions, please refer to the NHS FAQs here.


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