How to Contribute to TeamTalk

Have a story to tell? Contribute your article to TeamTalk website by contacting us. You will also find a guide to writing good articles and more information on how we prioritise our stories.

What kind of content we want

We as JLR aim to directly improve / impact / enhance the lives of people all around the world by giving them experiences they love for life. This is brought to life through our five Customer First Principles:

  • Easy to do business with
  • Transparency
  • Dependable
  • Personalised
  • Make customer feel special

Our stories reflect these principles wherever possible and touch on the behaviours needed to drive them. As a communicator, your editorial must be fresh, genuine and empowering. Think if your story is engaging, interesting, new? Would you read this in your own valued free time? Remember real people respond to real sentiments and real language. Keep your content simple and never pretentious with overly complex words. Our messages must try and have an aspiration element to them. Employee A did sth, outcome B happened - a strong narrative will consider what they did, why they did and what it changed.

How to write it

Please read the Jaguar Land Rover PR Style Guide before submitting your article. All submitted stories and articles should adhere to the Jaguar Land Rover PR Style Guide and corporate policies as well as the law.

Your article must have clear target audience to either inform, entertain or persuade - otherwise, what is the point of the article? It should be objective, relevant and appropriate at the time of its publication. 

Points to note when writing an article: clarity, accuracy, reliability, grammatically sound.

  • How the priorities work
  • Impact to Business
  • Impact to Site
  • Impact to a function
  • Impact to an individual (top trumps)
  • Impact Scale
  • Time relevance of impact

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How to Contribute to TeamTalk