Coronavirus Volunteering



This guide has been produced to help you volunteer your time to local good causes during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. You should read all of this guide before volunteering. You should also read the up to date guidance published by the UK Government here


Please note the following guidelines apply to the UK only. If you are in a location other than the UK, please get in touch with your local HR team to discuss.


If you have any specific questions once you have read this guide, please email


Jaguar Land Rover is a responsible business and enables thousands of our employees to volunteer with local good causes and charities throughout the year. As well as helping others, volunteering helps our employees improve their skills which benefits our business.


Lots of you have been asking how you can safely volunteer to help our local communities during this critical time and, where possible, we want to support you to be able to volunteer your time and skills.

You must only volunteer to carry out tasks which involve leaving your home if you can satisfy ALL of the conditions below:

  • You are well and have no symptoms like a cough or high temperature and neither does anybody in your household
  • You are under 70
  • You are not pregnant
  • You do not have any long-term health conditions that make you vulnerable to coronavirus


If you cannot work from home and want to volunteer your time:
If you are at home but are unable to work remotely (for example you are stood down in line with the Corridor Agreement) and would like to volunteer your time, such as the NHS Volunteer Responder, you can do so. Please be mindful you will need make yourself available should you be called back into work.


If you are working from home and want to volunteer your time:
If you are working remotely and would like to offer your support, it’s important you are still available to fulfil your business role. Please choose a volunteering activity that would give you the flexibility you may need and then discuss with your line manager.


If you are working on site in a business critical role and want to volunteer your time: Please speak to your line manager who will review your request on an individual basis.

Recording your activities:


Please complete the registration form here before your activity begins, or as soon as possible.  This replaces all other standard company volunteering documentation. Please speak to the organisation regarding their risk assessments and any health and safety briefing prior to your volunteering commencing and also read the Government guidelines here


So that we can celebrate the fantastic volunteering contributions made by our people, if it is appropriate to take photos of your activities please forward these to

Please note that by sharing your photos with us we may use them for both internal and external PR purposes, including Jaguar Land Rover social media, publications and websites. Please ensure you have permission from ALL people featured in any images for the photos to be used for these purposes. 


Please ensure all social distancing guidelines are adhered to and you have permission from the participants to share the image with Jaguar Land Rover.


Please note we are unable to cover expenses incurred as a result of any volunteering activity.


Using management vehicles for volunteering:

If you have a Jaguar Land Rover management/job car, you are permitted to use your vehicle when volunteering. Please ensure you adhere to all the normal rules e.g. who can drive rules etc.

You must read the Transportation of People and Cargo using Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles During Covid-19 document which is attached to this page.  This has been drafted by our Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Safety and Risk. It covers the following: 

  • Transport of people
  • Delivery of goods including 3D visors
  • Vehicle cleaning post conveyance
  • Vehicle cleaning post loan
  • Hand-washing technique

In addition, you will need to comply with the Annual Non-Business Use Approval Process via FCLG. A standard fee is ordinarily applicable however this will be waived for volunteering activity. The company fleet insurance arrangements will cover, as per standard provisions, damage to the vehicle and legal liability for third party claims.


If you wish to use your MLAP/SMLAP vehicle for volunteering please follow the below process:

  1. Complete the form ‘Application Form Non-Company Business Additional Insurance 2020’ and email to  
  2. In the box requesting ‘Specific details of purpose for which company vehicle will be used’ please state ‘Volunteer driving for the coronavirus (Covid-19) community response. Agreed waiver of fee.’
  3. You will be covered to drive your vehicle for volunteering purposes upon submission of your form to FCLG and no further action is required on your part after this point.
  4. FCLG will subsequently provide a confirmation letter which will include driver name and company name (i.e. the organisation you will be volunteering for) which is in addition to the standard management policy.

The additional cover is valid to 31 December 2020.


If you do not submit the form to FCLG via the above process, then any damage or claims will be your responsibility.


You are responsible for cleaning your vehicle after all volunteering activities – please read fully the vehicle cleaning guidelines included within the download, "Transportation of People and Cargo using Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles During Covid-19".


Process for managing community requests:


If you receive a request for community or financial support, please forward to