Coronavirus Volunteering



Please note the following guidelines apply to the UK only. If you are in a location other than the UK, please get in touch with your local HR team to discuss.


If you have any specific questions once you have read this guide, please email

Jaguar Land Rover is a responsible business and enables thousands of our employees to volunteer with local good causes and charities throughout the year. As well as helping others, volunteering helps our employees improve their skills which benefits our business.


For Team Volunteering Activities: 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to support Team volunteering projects.  We will be issuing guidance regarding how to safely undertake team activities in the coming weeks via employee communications channels (People Talk and On Track). In the meantime, no team volunteering activities are permitted to take place.  


For individual volunteering projects:

Employees should find their own volunteering projects and gain their manager's approval prior to commencement - no approval is required from TakePart

Click here for our Volunteering Guide.

If your volunteering includes the use of a Jaguar Land Rover or personal vehicle to transport people or goods, please ensure you read this guide prior to your activity taking place.

Please complete the registration form here before your activity begins, or as soon as possible.  This replaces all other standard company volunteering documentation.

Please speak to the organisation you are volunteering for regarding their risk assessments and any health and safety briefing before your activity begins and also read the Government guidelines here


To view volunteering opportunities through Business in the Community please click here. To sign up to a specific opportunity, please complete the form here.