Innovista 2019/2020

Innovista - The Jaguar Land Rover Annual Awards 2019/2020

Innovista recognises innovative contributions from every area of our business. It acknowledges unity and efficiency - how we connect with our ideas and strive for excellence, collaborating to shape our future. The awards celebrate those innovations that create better experiences for both our customers, and ourselves.


This year, entries open Monday 9 September and close Monday 11 November.

Submitting entries: The link for submitting entries is:

SUPPORT: For any assistance or additional information please contact:

Click here to watch the video outlining 'The Three C's of Innovista'.


Last year our four winners were:

  • Plastic Fantastic– The team from Castle Bromwich won the Implemented Innovations award. They found a repair method for damaged plastic parts that meets Jaguar Land Rover’s robust plastics testing procedure.
  • Ghost car augmented reality navigation – The team from Research won the Dare to Try accolade. Their ambition was to create a 3D ghost car in a vehicle’s display, which would visually guide the driver for them to follow. Although challenges slowed progress, the team gained numerous learnings to help benefit future augmented reality technology.
  • Final Algorithmic Measure – The team from the EMC won the Piloted Technologies trophy. They developed a thorough automated check system to predict whether an engine produced at the site could lead to a warranty claim in the future, even if the engine passed EMC’s cold test.
  • 2019’s Rising Star award went to Rian Rogers from the Pilot Operations Team for his work in developing Electronic Build Books


Innovista is open to all. If you have an idea that helps us work more efficiently or effectively, then it should be put forward for consideration.

The improvements your project makes to our customers and ourselves could be a tangible technological or mechanical innovation, or maybe a better process or safer way to work together.

At JLR, the panel of judges is made up of around 30 senior colleagues, giving you and your project greater visibility throughout the organisation.


Entrants put forward to JLR's Innovista Awards are automatically submitted into the Tata Innovista Awards. This means every entry has more than one opportunity of success.

Your idea could appeal to JLR's judges. Equally, it could gain favour with the panel at Tata and your team could be invited to the international finals.


The categories for all Innovista submissions are:


These awards are for innovations which were implemented successfully and have achieved results that can be demonstrated. 

This category has been further divided into following subcategories for the Tata awards: 

  • New Product Innovations: Tangible products.
  • New Service Innovations: This is dominantly targeted for service companies. It is also applicable to product companies which provide services to support their products.
  • Innovations in Core (Operational) Process: Core processes are those processes that are directly involved in the creation of the product or service.
  • Innovation in Support Processes: Support processes are those that support the core processes of a company.
  • Business Model Innovations: New business models that have changed the revenue model, cost structure or way of doing the business itself.
  • Services Resulting in Innovations by the Customers: This is dominantly targeted for companies that provide services which primarily benefit and help the customer to innovate.
  • Innovations for a Pure Social Cause: This addresses innovative ways in which companies carry out their CSR activities. 


This year, we have a new category. This category is aimed at recognising innovations that have been implemented successfully with demonstrated results. This innovation must have had impact on society, communities and environment. 


Not all innovations will end in success. The DTT award recognises the most audacious, sincere and wholehearted attempts at innovation, where there was risk and the team displayed strong resolve to succeed, but could not achieve the desired results.


This award recognises global or industry first technologies that have been developed and tested successfully, but are yet to be implemented. The technology holds promise to deliver noteworthy innovations.


Design is an important activity that translates the functional and aesthetic aspects of a product or service into something that delivers a great user experience. No design, no matter how beautiful and ingenious, is any good if it does not fulfil a user need and better user experience.


The Rising Star award focuses on individuals who drive innovation or are innovative within their roles. It will identify Jaguar Land Rover’s innovators of the future who may not otherwise have a mechanism to showcase what they have done within their functions.

The award recognises innovation, from idea to realisation, whilst considering collaboration, perseverance and a demonstration of the Customer First Principles.

The award will be given to the application that shows the most innovation, from idea to realisation, whilst considering collaboration and perseverance. Unlike some of the other categories in Innovista, the award will recognise an innovative individual above all else and does not focus on the project or product.

Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated for this award. Applications for this award will not progress to Tata Innovista.


Before submitting your idea or project to Innovista, have you spoken to the Patents Department?

The Patents Department is a support function to Engineering & Design and provides hands-on guidance and advice to help you protect any innovation.

Please follow the link below and make an invention disclosure via Anaqua to ensure that the Patents Department is aware of the scope of your idea or project and can ensure that appropriate protection is sought prior to it being disclosed outside of JLR.

Anaqua Invention Submission Portal

Submitting your ideas to Innovista may constitute an enabling disclosure outside of JLR for any subsequently filed patent application, potentially invalidating the patent application.

Please seek advice from the Patents Department if you have any questions or doubts