The JLR Learning Academy is committed to supporting your learning needs and are offering a series of free 90 minutes facilitated virtual classroom sessions.

Responding to the uncertainty of recent times we have taken the measure of ensuring that we are still able to facilitate your development in important areas such as Resilience, Engage in Change, Build Work Confidence and Collaborate & Influence.


Learn the essential skills that are vital to your success as an individual contributor. 

The virtual classrooms will be interactive and include some pre/post work activities and provide you with some relevant and useful tool. These resources will be received prior to the event.


See below the choice of offerings, a description, and deep links.


Build Work Confidence - 549002

Feel you need support or want to learn more about techniques to help to improve your confidence and build self-esteem. Click here to register

Collaborate & Influence - Feedback and Difficult Conversations - 553020

To help guide you through some techniques and models to develop your skills and knowledge when having difficult conversations and giving/receiving feedback. Click here to register

Collaborate & Influence - Building Successful Relationships - 554007

This programme is designed to help build trust, confidence, support and the need to challenge each other to improve collaboration and influence within the business. Click here to register


Engage in Change - 548042

Understand what it takes to get yourself and others engaged in change. Click here to register


Resilience - 548041

Discover practical tools and techniques to build your resilience so the next time you face a challenge – whether big or small – you can handle it effectively. Click here to register

This is a greatopportunity to come together in a virtual or remotelearning forum and share the strength we have within our JLR community. To register for one of these sessions simply access Success Factors*.

*NOTE: if you don’t have access to Success Factors to gain access simply register your personal email address with HR Direct and then subsequently register for a Covisint account with IT.